The Dry Power Method

Dry Power can transform a damp basement into fresh and usable premises in less than 30 days. The installation is discreet and can even be concealed completely, as in the following example.

Installation stenmur

Several advantages of the Dry Power method:

  • Control of the total cost
    You only pay for the installation plus an electricity cost of EUR 5 to 10 per year.
  • No digging to ruin your garden
    Dry Power is installed on the inside and no digging is involved
  • Control of the moisture in the wall
    A control box keeps track of the moisture level and shows how the system works
  • The floor also dries, as an added bonus
    The floor also dries out up to 2 metres from the loop on the wallGrävskylt

The Dry Power method is clean, quiet, and cheap to run. The system dehumidifies walls and floors by using small electrical impulses to charge the water with positive ions. The positive water is conducted down towards the negative surrounding soil. In this way, the water is pushed out of the wall. The positive ions also prevent water from penetrating.

The installation is quick and requires only the minimum intervention in the property. A series of small holes is drilled into the wall, and thin electrodes are placed into the holes, which are then sealed. The electrodes are linked together by a thin cable. The final result is almost invisible. The control box automatically adjusts the current, depending on how damp the wall is. The effect comes quickly and lasts for as long as the system works. Read more »